Birthday sweets!

We are pleased to say that the School Council’s campaign to bring back Birthday Sweets has been successful.  It will be on trial for the next 12 months so we can monitor the effects on pupils and the school.
The campaign to bring back Birthday Sweets has been running for almost two years and has taken a lot of work.  Please look at the school blog to look at our campaign video. We value your support and would appreciate it if you made it clear to your child/ren not to create litter with sweet wrappings.  
To make it successful we recommend only bringing in small sweets or biscuits.  We advise parents and carers not to let children bring in lollipops as these are quite big and may be choked on if children are running around.  If your child has any allergies, please inform the teacher.
Any sweets or biscuits given out on birthdays will be given at the end of the day for the children to take home.  The dental nurse recommends eating sweet foods after dinner.
Thank you again for your support.


Birthday Sweets

After a lot of hard work and thought, the school council have submitted their proposal about bringing back birthday sweets to the governors. This has been a lengthy process but we are expecting an official response soon.

If you would like to watch the video which the school council presented to the governors (and I recommend you do) then it is on the council page.

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