News from the end of term 2017

Wow! Another fun packed end of term! The Year 6 leavers’ assembly ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ was breathtakingly brilliant! The visual effects, characterisation, comedy value and singing were highly entertaining and made us all feel proud!  The Year 6 song, with lyrics by Isobel,  was particularly poignant and had us all wiping away our tears!

Over the last few weeks, we have managed 3 of the 4 Sport’s Days as the weather was favourable and the field dry. There was, as always, an amazing turn out of parents, families and friends to cheer on the children. There were some great sportsmanship attitudes as all showed determination and competitive spirits.

On the last day of term in assembly, children and staff were treated to a Disney Themed video starring all of the staff and teh Year 6 children and filmed around the school grounds. The medley of favourite Disney tunes, with a message to all about realising your dreams and seizing opportunities, was  perfect as our Year 6 go off to High School.  

There was also a chance to thank all of the children who help our school run smoothly…Eco-buddies, Student Council, Brookies and Sports’ Captains all play a valuable part in helping in the many areas of school.

Finally there was a fond farewell to Mrs Dudgeon, who is gong off on maternity leave, Miss Guerrieria who has a promotion to a post at Etchells Primary  school in Stockport, Miss Baker who has secured a post at Abbey Hey Primary School and Miss Davenport who is going to take part in voluntary community projects in Nepal and other parts of SE Asia.

We wish you all a restful and fun packed holiday and look forward to seeing you in September.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Thanking our amazing children.

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