The day Beth Tweddle came to visit!

We were delighted to welcome Beth Tweddle into our school today to talk about her love of gymnastics and to encourage the children to have a dream to aim for and not to give up when plans don’t turn out as hoped!

The Year 6 sports’captains showed her through the school to the hall where all the children were waiting to welcome her with a round of applause and a cheer.   Beth shared with us that although she tried many sports as a child, she was always ‘upside down’ at home and that gymnastics soon became her passion and focus.  

Some children  presented her with letters, a banner and posters  and then there was a photo with our gymnastics club and our budding national champions.’

We also had a chance to look at Beth’s program,  ‘Total Gymnastics’  to see how we can further improve our brilliant gymnastics lessons!  

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What did you think of the visit? What message have you taken away from Beth?


Halloween Disco!

Ghosts, skeletons, pumpkins, ghouls, bats, witches, wizards and werewolves were just some of the amazing costumes we saw at our Halloween disco! The event, organsised by the PTA, was a huge success with a games room with ‘Splat the Rat’ , a slimy lucky dip and a ‘Target Throw’, in additon to the favourite dance tunes being played to a packed dance floor. Snacks, including hot dogs and cakes, were on offer as well as many Halloween treats,  such as glow sticks and tattoos. Thanks to all for your tremendous support as the PTA get off to a great start to fund-raise for new class i-pads.

Which was your favourite part of the disco? Which costumes impressed you the most?



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